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Residential Garage Door Maintenance Services - San Diego, CA

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Garage doors are very important to us. They provide security to our assets, and even to our family. Taking a few minutes to inspect your garage door will do you no harm. In fact, it will ensure the performance of the garage door is up to the expected standards.

In San Diego, we have the most qualified and well-trained technicians who ensure all your garage door maintenance are well taken care of. We offer maintenance services for all kind of garage door like overhead garage door maintenance and others. We give a range of garage door services, from maintaining your garage door's parts to repairing the broken garage door parts. To make our services easily accessible, we offer them to all residential homes in an Diego. We also guarantee our customers the most modern and superior quality garage door products or garage door maintenance service. We are licensed and certified to conduct business and carry out all garage door repairs in San Diego. Our professionals offer you garage door maintenance services to keep your garage door functioning properly.

Inspecting wear and tear:

The proper maintenance of garage doors starts with inspecting all the moving parts, for any signs of wear and tear. This is because all hardware, at some point, will loosen up. The parts you need to look at are the springs, cables, rollers and all other moving parts. In case of any damages, we will be available to fix them for you.

Lubricating moving parts

The moving parts of the garage door will always need periodic garage door maintenance & lubrication if needs. Apply lubricant such as grease to the roller and hinges, where the roller is attached. Just make sure you use it sparingly, because too much will attract dirt that will cause the door to stick. . Lubricating results in the quick and easy operation of your garage door.

Servicing the springs and cables

It would be important for the tension springs to be at the perfect level. The springs will lose tension within time, making the garage door hard to operate or even making it stop working completely. It is good to check for wear or corrosion of the garage door cables and have them serviced. Similar to the garage door springs, the cables work under specific tensions and with our experts undertaking the servicing you can be assured we will replace them correctly.

Garage door weather stripping

These are made from quality P.V.Cs and should be cleaned with a multipurpose vinyl cleanser. Lubricate the garage door weather stripping every three months with the correct lubricant. Do not use petroleum based oils, since it will cause loss of elasticity.

Garage door balance test

If your garage door has an automatic garage door opener system, you need to test how stable the balance is, in order to avoid damaging the garage door opener. Close the garage door and disconnect the opener to lift the garage door manually. It should lift smoothly with little resistance and should stay fully open. If it is difficult to open the garage door, it may be out of balance. Let us service it for you.

Cleaning the garage door

Washing your garage door at least once a month will be good for your garage door. When washing, it is important not to make contact with the automatic garage door opener in order to avoid electrocution. It is also advised not to let your children play around the door, since it could be risky.

By maintaining your garage door correctly, you will add more years to its life. In fact, you should let us maintain your door occasionally for it to stay in a good working condition. Call us now for our Garage door maintenance services.

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